Adjustable Base Mattress Buying Guide

Adjustable Base Mattress Buying GuideMost of us, from the time of our birth through last night, sleep in a flat, horizontal position, parallel to the floor on our mattress of choice. Many sleep on their side, few on their back, and the rest end up on their stomach. Think about the position you slept in last night… What position did you fall asleep in? What position did you wake up in the morning? And of course, how did you feel?

No matter what your answer was to those questions, you were likely in a flat sleeping position. It’s the way we’ve slept for our entire lives, and have for centuries. But sleeping flat wasn’t always the norm.

In fact, there’s evidence of ancient Egyptian beds being elevated at the head for comfort. The same goes for beds from ancient Roman and Greek cultures. These cultures, and many others in our research, placed great significance on sleep and crafted beds for the purpose of being comfortable. Beds were important, and pharaohs, Kings, and Queens demanded lavish beds with “features” to benefit their sleep. And yes, items like pillows and linens were considered luxuries in those days.

Obviously, the materials and technologies they had access to were crude compared to what is available today, but they did the best with what they had. The point is, they knew sleeping flat had its disadvantages and did something about it.

This Adjustable Base Mattress Buying Guide is all about understanding and appreciating the benefits of a bed that can adjust itself to your unique sleep needs. We call them lifestyle adjustable foundations. They are also commonly referred to as adjustable bed bases, motion bases, and power beds. Many owners of these beds call them a life saver. What will you call yours? Hopefully this guide will help answer that question.

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